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What we do

Every idea starts with a scribble, a doodle or drunken debate. At edoubleu creative we help bring that idea to life. Your brand is more than a just a logo. It’s your complete ethos to why and how you do things. We are not just here to help you become visually appealing, we are here to help you achieve your goals by marketing and branding through digital and print mediums.

Research & Development

Whether it’s a brochure, leaflet, stationery or poster, point of sale collateral is still one of the best forms of marketing to create to reach potential clients with your idea.

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What makes a good website?

Fundamentally websites all have the same structure, but what makes a good website? We live in an age where people think about there website before they have even come up with a brand for there business. We are here to help you transform your idea by creating websites that play a critical part in your users journey rather than being an add on but not really knowing what it’s goal is.

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Latest Projects

Diocese of Worcester Multi Academy Trust
Diocese of Worcester Multi Academy Trust
Fifteen Eleven Clothing
Fifteen Eleven Clothing
Moseley and Sixth Form
Moseley and Sixth Form
JHC Cloudscape
JHC Cloudscape


Videos are becoming a popular alternative to reaching mass amounts of people with one idea. Whether it’s a detailed video or a viral video, using social media and the likes of Vimeo and You Tube can increase your presences exponentially using key phrases.

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Packaging is often overlooked; people assume the product is more important. While this is technically true the packaging is key to drawing in people’s attention. Design, size & protection are all key factors when designing the perfect package for your product.

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Please get in touch and lets share some ideas.

About us

edoubleu creative quite simply help you bring your idea to life. We provide the service of a big agency but with a boutique feel. No detail is overlooked or ignored because the most important fact to us is to bring your idea to life.