How to optimize your Youtube Videos

How to optimize your Youtube Videos

Sometimes content doesn’t have to be words, it can image or videos. Many of us have watched a video on YouTube. Here are a few tips on how to get the most views from the videos you upload.

The title

The video title should be punchy and should grab the user. It shouldn’t be too wordy — instead, it should concisely convey why the user should bother watching your video. Before you decide on your title, do your keyword research, and then take a look at your competitors for those keywords. What types of video will you be up against with those words in your title.

Titles play a large part in the ranking of your video, so make sure they are at least five words long and include the keyword that you want to rank for.

The thumbnail

A video’s thumbnail image is actually more important than the title in terms of attracting the click from the YouTube searcher. You could do every other thing right for your SEO, but if you have an unappealing thumbnail, no one is going to click on your video.

For the best results, go with a “custom thumbnail” (you will need to be verified by YouTube in order to do this) and have that thumbnail image include graphical text.


Many people make the mistake of only writing a few sentences for the description. This is your chance to expand on the information in the video with links, calls to action and performer bios. If you want people to click on a link to your website, include it “above the fold,” before the “Show more” prompt. Also, include some sort of enticing hook in that first sentence that will get people to click “Show More” to see the rest of your video’s description.


The video transcript (i.e., captions) serves as additional copy that is considered in YouTube’s rankings algorithm. Don’t rely on YouTube’s automated transcription process — there are going to be errors in that transcript, guaranteed. Either proofread and edit that automated transcript or use a transcription service or a VA (Virtual Assistant) to create a transcript of the video. If you do the latter, remember that it needs to be time-stamped to match the audio track.


Make sure you are linking in the description to everywhere that you want your potential fan base to go: all of your social channels, your site, other videos of yours (to boost the overall viewership and get more subscribers) and wherever else you might want to send viewers, like to a squeeze page.

Call to action

The end of your video should practically subscribe for the user. Give them a one-click option to subscribe, and then tell them why they should. Life coach and motivational speaker Marie Forleo is fantastic at this. At the end of her videos, she gives a neat little outro like “If you like this video and found its tips helpful, subscribe!” She even has a little arrow pointing to the subscribe button just in case viewers don’t get the hint. You need to be that obvious.

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